The Okotoks Deck Builder company is a locally owned company that offers all the services you may need for your outdoor deck. We began as a small family owned business helping friends and family with odd jobs around the house. Whether it was fixing a loose nail or plastering in new tiles around the deck floor, we always had a solution and were ready to help. Over the years, we began expanding our business as more friends and more family started asking for our help. At the same time, we began accumulating more tools and specialized equipment to get the jobs done. After a couple years, we decided that it would be a good idea to go into business so we could offer more services to more people. That’s how the Okotoks Deck Builder company came to be and few things have changed ever since, except the kinds of services we offer and the number of jobs we can do!
We offer a variety of deck services to meet your needs. Deck Contractors Okotoks can help you design a new deck, install a new deck, and will provide guidance on maintenance procedures. We also provide deck repair services and can help you with planning procedures and permits. After years in the business, there are few companies who offer similar services with as high standards as ours. If you are interested in our services, give us a call to see how we can help you!