Deck Building

Do you have a backyard you rarely use but wish you would? Maybe getting a deck will be the difference! Outdoor decks are great ways to make use of outdoor space and create a space to spend time with family and friends. At Okotoks Deck Builder we’ve been helping friends and neighbors in the community create the decks of their dreams where they can hold parties and gatherings, or just chill out on a nice summer night for hours. As deck building experts, we can make any deck in any space and make it for your custom preferences. If you are interested in learning more about what we can do for you, just give us a call and talk directly with one of our builders!

Two Tier Decks
Two tier deck are a wonderful option for those who have limited space in their property but want to maximize their outdoor living space. Whether you already have a deck and are interested in expanding, or you have never had a deck before but want to improve your property, we can help you find a two tier deck design that matches your style, budget, and practical needs. Two tier decks are great for having social gatherings and BBQ where you can split the space for different activities.

One Tier Decks 
The traditional one tier deck is one of our most popular projects. One tier decks can help maximize space in your property by adding more livable outdoor space. Whether you already have a one tier deck and are looking to expand or remodel your deck, or you have never had a deck before and are finally ready to take the leap, we can do the job for you. There is no job or deck that is too large or too small for us to take on.

Deck Repair 
Our deck building services also include deck repair services. Even though decks are made of some of the most sturdy outdoor materials, over the years they can begin to show the wear and tear of exposure to the elements like changing temperatures, water, and UV rays. If you have noticed that a deck plank is loose or a railing is not nailed in right anymore, give us a call and we’ll get right to the repairs. Having a safe deck is one of the most important aspects of leading a happy life and we’re here to help you prevent accidents from old decks.

Deck Planning 
As part of our deck building services we offer deck planning services. The deck planning service is an essential step in the creation of your deck and one that other companies don’t share with their customers. At Okotoks Deck Builders we always sketch up a plan of your deck before we buy materials or get started on the project to make sure its exactly as you dreamed it would be. The deck planning process is a collaborative one and you have ultimate say in what it looks like!