As one of the leading deck building companies in the Okotoks area, we offer some of the most specialized deck services. In addition to deck design and installation, we offer deck repair services for a variety of issues of differing gravity. Whether you have a large deck and need help with water damage or a small deck that has a loose railing, we have a solution for you. After years of offering repairs services, there is no team that is more prepared to take on your deck problems than ours. You can depend on our deck building team to find long lasting solutions and repairs for your deck.

Small Repairs 
After years of being in the business, we’ve seen it all: water logged decks, decks without railings, rotting decks, you name it. We have been able to fix almost every deck we’ve worked on and we are proud we can always find a solution. Sometimes, though, problems aren’t as bad as a rotting deck and you might just need help with a couple small repairs like a loose railing or a couple risen plans on the floor. We offer repair services for both small and large jobs and are ready to help you, no matter what the job!

Foundation Repairs 
Decks are built over foundations. If you have a flying deck, then the pillars of the deck are molded into the ground through foundations. If you have a ground level deck then the deck rests on a foundation. If a foundation is constructed properly, it is highly unlikely that it will need repairs. That said, erosion, water flow, and overall pressure can cause your deck foundation to crumble or become weak over the years. We offer foundation repair services in these cases so that you can be sure that your deck is grounded on a safe and dependable foundation.

Water Damage Repairs 
Water is one of the most damaging elements to decks, especially decks made of natural wooden materials. Even though most deck materials are primed to withstand the damaging properties of water and ice, even the highest quality materials eventually show the wear and tear of the elements over time. Our company offer water damage repair services for decks who have suffered damage from water or ice. We can solve anything from a fading paint job to rotting planks and pillars.

Deck Resurfacing 
Have you noticed that the wooden planks on the floor of your deck are splintering? Or perhaps most of the planks have risen from water damage. In these cases, you might be better off getting a deck resurfacing job than deck repairs because it could be cheaper and a longer lasting solution. The Deck Bulders Okotoks team can visit your home to evaluate the deck and give their professional opinion on the matter. In the case when a quick repair is better, we can get the job done. In the case where it is more affordable to resurface your deck, we can also get the job done!