A well used deck will show the wear and tear of life no matter how much you take care of it. Like any floor, deck floors can lose their shine and planks might even come up or nails get loose. Since decks are outside, the probability that they will wear out is higher because of exposure to the elements like changing extreme temperatures, UV rays, chemicals, water, and daily use of friends, family, pets, and other objects. The Calgary Deck Builder company offers deck resurfacing services so that you don’t have to redo your entire deck just to get the floor nice again.

Resurfacing Deck Floors
Our deck resurfacing services are designed to target problem areas and worn down parts of your deck. As deck building experts, we will do an evaluation of your deck to see if the entire floor needs resurfacing or only part of it. Our expert constructors can then do only the job that is necessary, saving you hundreds if you had to redo the deck from scratch. Deck resurfacing is a great way to maintain use of your deck and enjoy it at its fullest!

Resurfacing Deck Walls 
After years of being in the business, we have taken on hundreds of deck building, repairing, and resurfacing projects. We have seen all kinds of deck arrangements. In some situations, you may have exterior walls that are part of the deck. If your exterior deck walls need resurfacing, we’re the team for you and we’ve got the solution! We have repaired hundreds of deck walls in other occasions and will be able to do it for you, too. Our team has the equipment and expertise necessary to take on any job.

Deck Repairs 
In addition to deck resurfacing services, which can be considered a type of deck repair, we offer more specialized deck repair services as well. Our deck repair services are designed to target specific problems like splintered railings, loose deck planks, unstable railings, faded paint, and other problems you might see in your deck that are a cause of wear and tear and exposure to the elements. With years under our belt of working in the business, we can evaluate your deck to find all the areas for repairs and improvement and leave your deck as good as new. This service comes hand in hand with deck resurfacing services because many times the problems overlap and the solutions are similar or the same.

Deck Remodeling 
If you think your deck is beyond repair, be it because it is no longer safe or you want a new design, give us a call because we offer deck remodeling services in addition to our deck repairs and resurfacing services. The deck remodeling surfaces can help you redesign your deck if you are ready for a change or if your deck is broken beyond repair. Our team of professional deck contractors Calgary can evaluate your deck for you and tell you which service they recommend.